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Gastrointestinal Diseases

Acute gastroenteritis is a common syndrome that is generally caused by a virus, parasite or food-borne bacteria. Diagnosis of the responsible intestinal pathogen requires the detection of the organism in feces, duodenal fluid, or small intestine using biopsy specimens. Since fecal examination is labor intensive and requires a skilled microscopist, antigen detection tests have been developed as alternatives using direct fluorescent antibody (DFA), enzyme immunoassay (EIA), and rapid, dipstick-like tests. These immunoassays are quick to perform, do not require skilled personnel and are very specific. There are many commercially available diagnostics for a range of gastrointestinal pathogens, including panel assays that simultaneously test for a range of possible infectious agents using a single stool sample.

Antibody Pairs

CAPTURE DETECTION C01981M C01983M C01984M C01982M C01981M C01982M C01955M C01954M C01984M C01983M

CAPTURE DETECTION C01806M C01805M C01807M C01805M

E. coli Heat-Stable Enterotoxin (STp)


C01935M C01935M

E. histolytica

C01598M C65361M C01948M C01949M C65612M C65361M C65672M C65361M C65672M C01597M C01257M C01258M C01258M C01257M C01902M C01903M C01903M C01904M C01905M C01905M C01871M C01875M C01872M C01871M C01873M C01875M C01874M C01875M C01876M C01877M C01877M C01877M C01877M C01878M C01879M C01877M C65196M C65194M C65196M C65197M C01729M C01730M C01880M C01878M C01880M C01880M C01945M C01945M C01936M C01936M

E. histolytica & E. dispar

C. botulinum Type A Toxoid C. botulinum Type B Toxoid C. difficle GDH

C86211M C86468M

C01722M C86018M

G. lamblia

C01957M C01957M

C01678M C01677M C65555M C01677M C65715M C01677M C65555M C01678M

C. difficle Toxin A


C65423M C65426M

C. difficle Toxin B

C65727M C65727M

C. jejuni

C01947M C01946M

C. jejuni and C. coli

Norovirus GI

C01948M C01948M

C. parvum

C01534M C01533M C01536M C01533M C01535M C01533M C01537M C01534M C01958M C01958M C01593M C01592M C01593M C01594M C01804M C01801M C01803M C01802M

Cholera Toxin - beta subunit

Norovirus GII

E. coli O157

E. coli Heat-Labile Enterotoxin (LT)



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