Infectious Diseases & Toxins

Food & Water Safety Testing

Food safety is a major global, public health concern with an estimated 600 million with almost 1 in 10 people in the world per year falling ill after eating contaminated food. The detection of microorganisms in food and water is an essential part of any quality control or food safety plan. Food safety, nutrition and food security are inextricably linked. Unsafe food creates a vicious cycle of disease and malnutrition, particularly affecting infants, young children, the elderly and the sick. Diarrheal diseases are the most common illnesses resulting from the consumption of contaminated food, causing 420,000 deaths every year. Foodborne illness is caused by various bacteria, viruses, parasites and chemical substances and can lead to more than 200 different diseases ranging from diarrhea to cancers. Sources of drinking water contamination include naturally occurring chemicals and minerals (for example, arsenic, radon, uranium), local land use practices (fertilizers, pesticides, concentrated feeding operations), manufacturing processes, and sewer overflows or wastewater releases. Traditional methods of detecting food and water illnesses are often impractical and time-consuming because of the need for growth in culture media followed by isolation, biochemical and/or serological identification. Advances in technology such as antibody and DNA-based assays have made detection and identification faster, more sensitive, more specific, and more convenient than traditional assays. However, even with the application of modern laboratory techniques, there still remains a considerable challenge in identifying the microorganisms responsible for outbreaks.

Antibody Pairs

C65727M C65727M C01947M C01946M F01266M F01267M F01269M F01268M C01955M C01954M C01984M C01983M C01981M C01983M C01984M C01982M C01981M C01982M CAPTURE DETECTION

C01806M C01805M C01807M C01805M C01804M C01801M C01803M C01802M C01534M C01533M C01536M C01533M C01535M C01533M C01537M C01534M C01958M C01958M CAPTURE DETECTION

E. coli O157


B. thuringienis (Bt) cry1Ab/Cry/Ac

E. coli Heat-Labile Enterotoxin (LT)

C. jejuni C. jejuni and C. coli

E. coli Heat-Stable Enterotoxin (STp)

C01935M C01935M

E. histolytica

C01948M C01948M

C. parvum

C01936M C01936M C01945M C01945M F01255M F01254M F01257M F01256M

E. histolytica & E. dispar

F01249M F01248M F01251M F01250M C01593M C01592M C01593M C01594M

Cholera Toxin - beta subunit




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