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Veterinary & Animal Health

Veterinary health products including veterinary pharmaceuticals, biologicals and medicated feed additives (MFAs), have transformed the health and welfare of livestock and companion animals worldwide. In the animal companion sector, the range and complexity of animal health products continues to expand, encompassing anti-infectives, parasite controls, reproductive aids, metabolic drugs, antibiotics, vaccines, topical solutions, imaging diagnostics, as well as novel treatments for chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Viral, bacterial and parasitic infections are among the most prevalent challenges faced by companion animals, but with the increase in ageing dog and cat populations, chronic, age-related conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer are being diagnosed with higher frequency. For the livestock market, diagnostic tests have become an essential tool for monitoring and confirming the health status of animals. In recent outbreaks of animal diseases such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, foot and mouth disease, and the highly pathogenic avian influenza have revealed that protecting the health of animals throughout the world is essential to managing public health. The global spread of transboundary diseases and emerging pathogens represent a direct threat to livestock sectors and therefore to food security. Diagnostic tests play a key role not only in facilitating safe trade, but also in many other areas, such as the early detection of new diseases, and the control of exotic or enzootic animal diseases. Critical importance is the accuracy of any veterinary test, since a false negative can be catastrophic for both animals and public health.

Antibody & Antigen Pairs


C01992M C01992M C01993M C01992M C01994R C01991M


Canine Distemper Virus Surface Envelope

C86504M C86801M

C02000M C02001M C02010M C02009M C02010M C02009M C02010M C02009M C02010M C02009M C01998M C01998M


C01975M C01974M


Nipah Virus

C86005M C86004M

Parvovirus, Canine


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