Infectious Diseases & Toxins

Tropical & Vector-Borne diseases

Tropical and Vector-Borne diseases are among the most complex of all infectious diseases to prevent and control. Tropical diseases typically thrive in hot, humid conditions and include infections such as Malaria, Leishmaniosis, Dengue and Chagas. Many of these pathogens are also Vector-Borne diseases, transmitted between humans by a vector which is typically a blood-sucking arthropod (e.g. mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, lice and mites). Serological point-of-care (POC) diagnostics are the most rapid and convenient methods available for tropical and vector-borne diseases. Tests either detect antigens from the infectious agent or virus specific IgG/IgM antibodies and use formats such as solid-phase dip-sticks (ELISA), particle agglutination, and lateral flow. Ideally screening assays should have minimal cross-reactivity with other infectious diseases and have a high sensitivity, especially during the early stages of the infection. There have been numerous approaches used to improve the specificity of these assays including (1) using smaller and more specific regions (sub-units) of the epitopes; (2) using multiple antigens to different epitopes within a single assay; and (3) incorporating antigens which represent common genetic variations of the disease.

Antibody Pairs

C01914M C01913M CAPTURE DETECTION C01914M C01652M C01652M C01649M C01652M C01651M C01652M C01650M

CAPTURE DETECTION C01912M CO1906M C01912M CO1907M C01912M CO1911M C01912M CO1909M C01912M CO1910M CO1906M CO1911M CO1906M CO1907M CO1906M CO1909M CO1909M CO1911M CO1906M CO1910M CO1909M CO1910M CO1909M CO1907M CO1907M CO1911M CO1907M CO1910M CO1910M CO1911M

Dengue Virus NS1

Ebola Virus NP C01964M C01965M

Yellow Fever NS1

Nipah Virus G Protein

C01975M C01974M

Pan pLDH (Malaria)

C01834M C01835M

C01836M C01837M C01584M C01585M C01584M C01586M C01817M C01816M

P. falciparum (Malaria) HRP-2

P. falciparum pLDH (Malaria)

C01833M C01835M

C01887M C01888M C01887M C01889M C01888M C01888M C01888M C01890M C01889M C01888M C01867M C01868M

Antigen and Antibody

Zika Virus NS1

R01710 C01932M ANTIGEN ANTIBODY R01710 C01931M R01710 C01930M R01931M R01710 R01930M R01710

P. falciparum HRP-2 (Malaria)

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