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Secondary antibodies are used for indirect detection and they can provide an increase in sensitivity through signal amplification, and greater flexibility for labeling and detection. The secondary antibody should not be from the same host species as the primary antibody, but it should have the species specificity for the primary antibody. For example, if the primary antibody is sourced from rabbits, the secondary antibody should be anti-rabbit but it should be raised in a host species other than rabbit (e.g. goat anti-rabbit secondary). Secondary Antibodies

Mouse Immunoglobulins

Polyclonal Goat Anti-Human


Cat Number Format Isotype Z01253M Purified IgG2b

Specificity IgG (H+L)

Cat Number Format W01262FL FITC

IgA (Fc), Human IgA (Fc), Human




L66605G Monospecific

IgA (Secretory Component), Human

Z42750M Purified IgG1

IgE (epsilon)

L62507G Purified

IgG (Fc) (min x w/Hu Bov Hrs Ms) W99036P HRP IgG (Fc) (min x w/Hu Bov Hrs Ms Rab) W01252G Aff.Pur. IgG (Fc) G5G16-0482 HRP IgG (Fc) W66040G Aff.Pur. IgG (Fc) W99008A Alk.Phos. IgG (H&L) W01260AF Alexa Fluor 488 IgM (Fcu) L66607G Monospecific IgM (Fcu) W99154A Alk.Phos IgM (Fcu) W99154G Aff.Pur. IgM (mu) (min x w/Bov Gt Ms Rab) W01251G Aff.Pur. IgM (mu) (min w/IgA and IgG) W01259G Aff.Pur. IgM (mu) G5G54-048 Aff.Pur. IgM (mu) G5G54-0482 HRP IgM (mu) L04354G Monospecific IgM (mu) L62650G Purified IgM (mu) W01258G Aff.Pur. IgM (mu) W66210G Aff.Pur. IgM (mu) W66310G Aff.Pur. Kappa Light Chain (Free & Bound) L15805G Purified Kappa Light Chain (Free & Bound) L62805G Monospecific Lambda Light Chain (Free & Bound) K04365G Purified Lambda Light Chain (Free & Bound) L15905G Purified Lambda Light Chain (Free & Bound) L62905G Monospecific

IgA, Human

Z01250M Purified IgG1 Z86104M Purified IgG2a MAGG16-264 Purified IgG2b,k Z01247M Purified IgG Z54101M Purified IgG1

IgE (Fc), Human IgG (Fc), Goat IgG (Fc), Human IgG (Fc), Human IgG (Fc), Human IgG (Fc), Human IgG (Fc), Rabbit



Z86213M Purified IgG MARG16-125 Purified IgG2b,k Z01236M Purified IgG1,k P86502M Purified IgG1

IgG, Human IgG, Sheep

IgG1 (Fc), Human Z86102M Purified IgG1 IgG2 (Fc) gamma-2, Human Z86002M Purified IgG2 IgG4 (Fc), Human Z86140M Purified IgG1 IgM (Fab-region), Human Z86215M Purified IgG2b IgM (Fc), Human Z86113M Purified IgG1 IgM (Heavy Chains), Human Z86110M Purified IgG1 IgM (Heavy Chains), Human Z86114M Purified IgG1 IgM, Human Z01235M Purified IgG1,k IgM, Human Z45190M Purified IgG1

Polyclonal Rabbit


Cat Number

Format Aff.Pur. Aff.Pur. Aff.Pur.

IgG (Fc), Canine IgG (Fc), Human IgG (H&L), Mouse IgG (H&L), Sheep IgG (H&L), Sheep

W99114C W99165C W01256R

R5SG10-048 Aff.Pur.

W99245P W99020C


IgM, Mouse



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