High-Specificity Pfu HS Mix

A high-fidelity, aptamer-based hot start DNA polymerase tailored for low GC bias amplification.

High-Specificity Pfu HS Mix A high-fidelity, aptamer-based hot start DNA polymerase tailored for low GC bias amplification


Human Diagnostics

Genetic Screening

A high-fidelity DNA polymerase with aptamer-based hot-start technology highly suited to target enrichment, NGS library amplification, and cloning applications. High-Specificity Pfu HS Mix provides high yield and sensitivity, as well as superior amplification of GC- and AT-rich targets. The hot-start aptamer binds reversibly to the polymerase which inhibits its activity at ambient temperatures and improves the specificity of the amplification.

Pfu HS Polymerase • Aptamer hot-start for increased specificity • Inhibitor-tolerant (tolerates up to 20% whole blood) • Robust amplification across different GC-content (29% - 65%) • High-fidelity reduces errors for NGS library amplification • Convenient room temperature reaction set-up • Suitable for multiplexing




5 mL


High-Specificity Pfu HS Mix


100 mL



Product Highlights

High-Specificity Pfu HS Mix

Supplier 1

High sensitivity and yield PCR amplification of a 1.2 kb fragment of the F8 gene, from a five-fold serial dilution of human genomic DNA. All reactions were set up according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. Marker is HyperLadder ™ 50 bp, (BIO-33054). Meridian’s High-Specificity Pfu HS Mix has higher sensitivity and yield over suppliers.

Supplier 2

Supplier 3

Efficient amplification of DNA containing a wide range of GC-content

M 29% 32% 44% 55% 62% 65%

The following regions from human genomic DNA were amplified: RBB8 161 bp (29% GC), RBB8 450 bp (32% GC), IL 10 417 bp (44% GC), Mpex 418 bp (55% GC), EGFR 525 bp (62% GC), EGFR 380 bp (65% GC). Marker is HyperLadder ™ 50 bp, (BIO-33054). Efficient amplification was possible across the different GC content tested demonstrating the suitability of High-Specificity Pfu HS Mix for applications requiring low GC-bias.

Suitable for multiplex reactions from inhibitor-rich samples

High-Specificity Pfu HS

Supplier 1

Supplier 2 Supplier 3

Multiplexed PCR amplification of 6 targets (961 bp, 892 bp, 793 bp, 548 bp, 332 bp, 196 bp) directly amplified from 20% whole blood and run in duplicate. Marker is HyperLadder ™ 50 bp, (BIO-33054). High-specificity Pfu HS Mix is able to outperform other suppliers in the presence of 20% whole EDTA blood in a multiplexed PCR reaction.

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