Respiratory Diseases

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ENZYMES • Hot-Start Taq technologies- chemical, antibody, aptamer • Lyo & Air-Dryable enzymes (glycerol free) Taq, Bst, RTase • Thermostable MMLV RT MASTER MIXES • Lyo & Air-Dryable formats • Inhibitor-tolerant mixes for stool, sputum, saliva, blood, plant, water. • For multiplexing, GC-rich templates, and assay formats requiring high concentrations

VIRUS MANUFACTURING • Live or inactivated • Proprietary Ag purification

RECOMBINANT PROTEINS •  E. coli, P. pastoris, S. cerevisiae , Sf9, Drosophila, Mammalian (CHO, HEK293) • 10- 2000L bioreactors ANTIBODIES – MAbs/PAbs • Hundreds of antibodies made in multi-gram scale

• Multi-Kilograms of MIgG / year • Hundreds of liters of GxhIgG • Ascites production (100K+ Mice)

NUCLEOTIDES • dNTPs, Na or Li salts • Ultra high purity, >99%


Respiratory Diseases- Reagents for Assay Development

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