Leading Respiratory Products/Pairs

Respiratory Point-of-Care Diagnostics Antigens and Antibodies for Commercial Assay Development

Respiratory diseases are the leading cause of death amongst all infectious diseases and are enormously diverse, ranging from trivial to severe. Point-of-Care (POC) tests for common respiratory pathogens have become an essential part of disease management in emergency care settings. Their rapid turn-around-time has both improved antibiotic stewardship and significantly reduced the number of hospital admissions.

Respiratory Diseases

• Adenovirus • Chlamydia pneumoniae

• Influenza A Virus (Nucleoprotein) • Influenza B Virus (Nucleoprotein) • Legionella pneumophila • Metapneumovirus • Mycoplasma pneumoniae • Mycobacterium tuberculosis • Parainfluenza • RSV • Rhinovirus • SARS Coronavirus • Streptococcus Group A • Streptococcus pneumoniae


Antibody Pairs




C01785M C01828M C01727M C01728M C86804M C86006M C65431M C65604M C01321M C01323M C65331M C65375M C01732M C01731M C01736M C01731M C01731M C01760M C01733M C01734M C01733M C01736M C01760M C01734M

C65016M C65131M C65081M C65131M C65107M C65131M C01328M C01329M C01897M C01747M C01744M C01897M C01748M C01897M C01747M C01744M C01746M C01747M C01741M C01897M

C65492M C65738M C65467M C65329M C65064M C65065M C65063M C65065M C01770M C01776M C01770M C01773M C01769M C01773M



Influenza B Virus (Nucleoprotein)


Influenza A Virus (Nucleoprotein)

9548 9548

9547 9549

SARS-CoV-2 (Nucleoprotein) SARS-CoV-2 S1 (Trimeric)

9550 9551 9550 9551 & 9565

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

C01398M C01400M


C01941M C01939M C01787M C01790M C01788M C01790M C01788M C01791M C01939M C01942M

Group A B65510R C01756R

Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Streptococcus pneumoniae

C01759R C01758R

= Reversible


Adenovirus Hexon C01785M – ELISA, pair C01828M – ELISA, pair C11994M – ELISA, LF C01727M – ELISA, LF, pair C01728M – ELISA, LF, pair C86006M – ELISA, LF, pair C86804M – ELISA, IHC, pair

Influenza B Virus (Nucleoprotein) C01747M – LF, pair C65131M – LF, pair

Mycoplasma pneumoniae C01787M – (P1) ELISA, IFA, pair C01788M – (P1) ELISA, IFA, pair C01790M – (P1) ELISA, IFA, pair C01791M – (P1) ELISA, IFA, pair C01939M – (P30) ELISA, pair C01941M – (P30) ELISA, pair C01940M – (P30) ELISA, pair C01942M – (P30) ELISA, pair C01521M – ELISA, WB, IFA Mycobacterium tuberculosis C01400M – (CFP10) ELISA, pair C01398M – (CFP10) ELISA, pair C01401M – (ESAT6) ELISA C01402M – (ESAT6) ELISA B65601R – PAb (Rabbit) IFA, IHC

C01328M – ELISA, WB, pair C01329M – ELISA, WB, pair C01897M – LF, pair C01741M – LF, pair C01744M – LF, pair C01746M – LF, pair C01748M – LF, pair Legionella pneumophila

C65431M – ELISA, LF, IFA, pair C65604M – ELISA, LF, IFA, pair Chlamydia pneumoniae C01369M – (TWAR) ELISA, IFA C01841M – (TWAR) ELISA, IFA C01843M – (TWAR) ELISA, IFA Influenza A Virus (Nucleoprotein) C01760M – LF, pair

C01951M – (LPS) ELISA, LF C01952M – (LPS) ELISA, LF C01590M – (LPS) ELISA, LF C01591M – (LPS) ELISA, LF B65054R – PAb (Rabbit) ELISA B65051G – PAb (Rabbit) IFA Metapneumovirus (MPV) C01851M – (Nucleoprotein) ELISA, IFA, IHC, WB C01852M – (Fusion Protein) ELISA, IFA, IHC

C01733M – ELISA, LF C01734M – ELISA, LF C01321M – ELISA, WB, pair C01323M – ELISA, pair C65331M – ELISA, IFA, pair C65375M – ELISA, IFA, pair C01731M – ELISA, LF, pair C01732M – LF, pair C01736M – ELISA, LF, pair


Antibodies continued

Parainfluenza C01306M – (Type 1, Fusion Protein) C65492M – (Type 1, Fusion Protein) ELISA, IFA, pair C65738M – (Type 1&3, Fusion Protein) ELISA, IFA, pair C65241M – (Type 2) IFA, pair C01308M – (Type 3, Hemagglutinin) C65329M – (Type 3, Hemagglutinin) ELISA, IFA, pair C65467M – (Type 3, Hemagglutinin) ELISA, IFA, pair Rhinovirus C01698M – (VP3) ELISA, IFA C01696M – (VP3) ELISA, IFA C01697M – (Nucleoprotein) ELISA, IFA

RSV C66432M – (Nucleoprotein) DB, LF C65063M – (Fusion Protein) ELISA, LF, IFA, pair C65064M – (Fusion Protein) ELISA, LF, IFA, Neut., pair C65065M – (Fusion Protein) ELISA, LF, IFA, Neut., pair C01769M – (Fusion Protein) ELISA, pair C01770M – (Fusion Protein) ELISA, pair C01773M – (Fusion Protein) ELISA, pair C01776M – (Fusion Protein) ELISA, pair B65860G – PAb (Goat) ELISA, IFA B65840G – PAb (Goat) ELISA, WB, IHC, Neut.

SARS-CoV-2 9547 – (Nucleocapsid) ELISA, LF, WB, pair 9548 – (Nucleocapsid) ELISA, LF, WB, pair 9549 – (Nucleocapsid) ELISA, LF, WB, pair 9550 – (Trimeric Spike) ELISA, LF, WB, pair 9551 – (Trimeric Spike) ELISA, LF, WB, pair

Streptococcus Group A C65421M – (Rabbit MAb) ELISA

C01756R – (Rabbit MAb) ELISA, LF, pair B65510R – PAb (Rabbit) ELISA, IFA, LF, pair Streptococcus pneumoniae C01758R – (CWPS, Rabbit MAb) ELISA, LF, IFA, pair C01759R – (CWPS, Rabbit MAb) ELISA, LF, IFA, pair

C01637M – (CWPS) ELISA, IFA C01638M – (CWPS) ELISA, IFA B65831R – PAb (Rabbit) ELISA, IFA


Adenovirus R14800 , Native – (Type 2) ELISA R86310 , Native – (Type 6) ELISA R02721 , Native – ELISA Chlamydia pneumoniae

Mycoplasma pneumoniae R02102 , Native – ELISA R14720 , Native – (p30 enriched) R01701 , Native – (p30 enriched) ELISA, CLIA, LF, WB Mycobacterium tuberculosis R01590 , Rec. E. coli – (CFP10) ELISA, WB R01668 , Rec. E. coli – (CFP10, ESAT6) ELISA, WB Parainfluenza

SARS-CoV-2 9552 , Rec. HEK293 – (Spike S1 RBD) ELISA, WB 9556 , Rec. Insect – (Spike S1) ELISA, WB 9557 , Rec. Insect – (Spike S1 NTD) ELISA, WB 9558 , Rec. Insect – (Spike S1 RBD) ELISA, WB 9560 , Rec. Insect – (Nucleocapsid) ELISA, WB 9566 , Rec. Insect – (Spike S1 Trimer) ELISA, WB 9567 , Rec. Insect – (Spike S1 RBD, N501Y mutant) Represents Alpha B.1.1.7 strain 9568 , Rec. Insect – (Spike S1 RBD, RBDK417N, E484K and N501Y mutant) Represents Gamma P.1 strain 9598 Rec. Insect – (Spike S1 RBD, L452R mutant) Represents Epsilon strain Streptococcus Group A A01717N , Native – LF E484K and N501Y mutant) Represents Beta B.1.351 strain 9569 Rec. Insect – (Spike S1 RBD, K417T,

R02620 , Native – (TWAR strain) ELISA, WB Influenza A Virus (Nucleoprotein) R86280 , Native – (A/Beijing/262/95), ELISA R01249 , Native – (A/Brisbane/10/07), ELISA Influenza B Virus (Nucleoprotein) R02310 , Native – (B/Hong Kong 5/72), ELISA R01248 , Native – (B/Malaysia/2506/04), ELISA Legionella pneumophila R14610 , Native – (Whole Cell) ELISA

R02802 , Native – (Type 1) ELISA R02902 , Native – (Type 2) ELISA R02002 , Native – (Type 3) ELISA RSV R86900 , Native – ELISA 8175 , Native – ELISA

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