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Glycerol-Free T4 DNA Ligase High concentration (50 U/μL) and glycerol-free, ideal for lyophilization

Glycerol-Free T4 DNA Ligase (HC) is a glycerol-free, high concentration enzyme (50 U/μL) that catalyzes the formation of a phosphodiester bond between adjacent 5’ phosphate and 3’ hydroxyl groups in duplex DNA or RNA. It is 2-10x higher concentration than standardT4 DNA ligases and is glycerol-free and lyophilization compatible.The enzyme efficiently joins blunt and cohesive ends and repairs single stranded nicks in duplex DNA, RNA or DNA/RNA hybrids.

Product Overview

• Efficiently joins blunt and cohesive ends • Repairs single-stranded nicks in duplex DNA, RNA and DNA/RNA hybrids • Joins double-stranded oligonucleotide linkers or adaptors to DNA • Glycerol-free, for lyophilization • Ideal for use in high-complexity library cloning and NGS library construction




20 μL (1,000 Weiss Units) 200 μL (10,000 Weiss Units)

Glycerol-Free T4 DNA Ligase (HC)


Product Highlights

Free of Detectable of Exo- and Endonuclease Activities

100U T4 DNA Ligase

100U T4 DNA Ligase

No Ligase Control

100U T4 DNA Ligase

100U T4 DNA Ligase

No Ligase Control

Glycerol-FreeT4 DNA Ligase (HC) is highly purified and tested to ensure that it is free of any detectable exonuclease or endonuclease activity that may affect the ligation efficiency of the enzyme. It is also tested to ensure that there is no loss of activity during lyophilization and ambient temperature storage.The very high concentration makes Glycerol-FreeT4 DNA Ligase (HC) ideal for using in cassettes for point of care (POC) assays. Glycerol-free T4 DNA Ligase (HC) was incubated of for 16 hours at 37 °C with 1 µg of HindIII-digested λ DNA (Lanes 2 and 3) and supercoiled pUC19 DNA (Lanes 5 and 6). The results demonstrate that Glycerol-free T4 DNA Ligase (HC) is free of detectable exo- and endonuclease activities.

Enzyme Retains Full Activity After Lyophilization 120

Stability of Glycerol-free T4 DNA Ligase (HC) at room temperature in liquid or lyophilized format. For each condition, 330 units of T4 DNA Ligase was assessed for its ability to ligate 750 ng HindIII digested λ DNA in a standard ligation reaction for 1 hour at RT which was subsequently run on an agarose gel. ImageJ analysis was used to assess ligation efficiency relative to T4 DNA Ligase (T0). The results demonstrate that Glycerol-free T4 DNA Ligase (HC) is not affected by lyophilization and retains its activity when rehydrated.







T4 DNA Ligase (T0) T4 DNA Ligase (T0) Liquid- RT 4 weeks Liquid - RT 4 weeks

Lyophilised - RT 4 weeks Lyophilized- RT 4 weeks

No Ligase

Highest Concentration T4 Ligase Available – Ideal for Microfluidic and Point-of-Care Applications

10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50

The concentration of Meridian’s Glycerol-free T4 DNA Ligase (HC) (in Weiss units) is 2-10x higher than the concentration of other commercially available ligases. This allows for greater flexibility in diagnostic applications and makes it ideal for microfluidics and point of care testing.

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