VLP Extraction Control Custom Project

VLP Extraction Control Custom Project

VLP RNA Extraction Control Custom Project

Prior to starting the project

P erform an initial test using the standard VLP RNA Extraction Control ( MDX068 or MDX069 ) to confirm the format fits your requirements Q ualify the custom control sequence(s) by running a standard RT-qPCR with (1) the custom sequence (2) primers and (3) probe to ensure qPCR assay is working correctly

Requirements to start the project

C ustom control sequence(s) (up to 800 nt) A commitment to buy approximately 4 - 5 L in the first 2 years

Timeline & Deliverables

F irst batch of custom VLP (400 mL) delivered within 8 - 10 weeks A n additional 2 - 3 weeks for subsequent batches

Note: We do not supply primers and probes.

Cost *

E ntry fee: US $30,000 (cost includes first batch of 400 mL at ~1x10 4 copies/µL) P rice for additional batches is US $615 per 20 mL (at ~1x10 4 copies/µL)

LEARNMORE Email: info@MeridianLifescience.com

* These are standard prices and sizes for validation batches, however these may vary depending on customer needs.


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