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Autoimmune diseases are a broad range of related diseases in which a persons immune system produces an inappropriate response against its own cells, tissues and/or organs, resulting in inflammation and damage. Autoimmune products SUITED FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF DIAGNOSTIC ASSAYS DETECTING LOCALIZED AND SYSTEMIC AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS There are over 80 different autoimmune diseases, and these range from common to very rare diseases. Some autoimmune diseases affect mainly one part of the body (e.g. organ-specific such as multiple sclerosis which attacks the nervous system, autoimmune thyroid disease, and Crohn’s disease which is localized to the gastrointestinal tract) whilst others are systemic (such as systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic vasculitis). Systemic autoimmune diseases can affect many body organs and tissues at the same time and they are broadly classified into rheumatological/connective tissue disease and vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels). Autoimmune diseases collectively affect approximately 5%to 10%of the population of the developedworld. Common autoimmune diseases such as thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes affect more than 1 in 100 people. In contrast, a rare autoimmune disease such as Goodpasture’s disease (a form of vasculitis) affects around 1 in amillion people. Autoimmune diseases disproportionately affect women at a rate of 2-9x greater than for men. Diagnostics

Autoimmune diseases are usually diagnosed using a combination of clinical history, blood tests (autoantibodies, inflammation, organ function) and other investigations such as x-rays. Specifically, autoantibodies act as biomarkers helping to diagnose disease subsets and monitor autoimmune diseases. Many autoantibodies have well-defined target antigens and can be detected with high analytical sensitivity for a particular disease.




Includes rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), scleroderma, and other systemic autoimmune diseases. Inflammation in the blood vessels which can lead to serious consequences such as aneurysms. Blood clotting disorders, such as Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) which is a hypercoagulable state caused by antiphospholipid antibodies. Localized disorders that attack the gastrointestinal track such as Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, UlcerativeColitis or Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS). Thyroid diseases (e.g. Hashimoto’s and Graves’ diseases), diabetes, adrenal fatigue, osteoporosis, infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, and several others. Hashimoto’s and Graves’ disease are the most common autoimmune diseases.

• Anti-cytoplasmic antigens (c-ANCA) • Perinuclear antigens of neutrophils (p-ANCA)

Connective Tissue Disease

• Anti-cardiolipin • Anti-ß2 glycoprotein 1 • Anti-prothrombin (aPT)


• Cardiolipin • ß2-gylcoprotein 1


• Tissue transglutaminase (tTG) • Liver-kidney mircrosomal type 1 (LKM-1) • pANCA • Glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) • Tyrosine phosphatase-like islet cell antigen (IA2) • Thyroid peroxidase (TPO) • Thyroglobulin




Gastroenterology CELIAC DISEASE Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) A01363H Rec. Ag (HEK 293-EBNA Cell Line) >95% CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE Calprotectin A01671H


C3 L01240G C4 L01243G

Goat anti-C3


Native Ag (Calf Thymus)>90% Human anti-RNP Ag (Human Plasma)

Goat anti-C4


U1-snRN C G01314M


Sm (Smith) Ag A3C303B

Native Ag (Calf Thymus) >90% Human anti-Sm Ag (Human Plasma)

VASCULITIS Bacterial permeability increasing factor (BPI) A01678H Native Ag (Human neutrophils) >90% Cathepsin G A01679H Native Ag (Human neutrophils) Lactoferrin A01712H Native Ag (Human Milk) H01411M MAb to Lactoferrin (pair, LF assay) H01412M MAb to Lactoferrin (pair, LF assay) Lysozyme A50178H Native Ag (Human neutrophils) >95%


Native Ag (Human neutrophils)

SS-A (Ro) Ag A3C300B

Nephrology GOODPASTURE’S SYNDROME Glomerular Basement Membrane (GBM) A01672B Native Ag (Bovine Kidney) >90% Endocrinology

Native Ag (Calf Thymus) >90% Human anti-Ro (SS-A) Ag (Human Plasma)


SS-B (La) A3C022B K07104H Scl-70 A3C301B K07105H Jo-1 A3C302B K07101H

Native Ag (Calf Thymus) >95% Human anti-SS-B Ag (Human Plasma)

Native Ag (Calf Thymus) >90% Human anti-Scl-70 Ag (Human Plasma) Native Ag (Calf Thymus) >90% Human anti-Jo-1 Ag (Human Plasma)

THYROID DISEASE Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) A01309H

Myeloperoxidase (pANCA) A3C181H

Native Ag (Human neutrophils) >95% Rabbit anti-Myeloperoxidase

Rec. Ag >95%


Thyroglobulin (TG) H6T09-212

Recombinant Ag >96%

Prothrombin A01681H

Ribosomal P-proteins A01676B

Native Ag (Human Plasma) >95%

Native Ag (Calf Thymus) >90% Human anti-Ribosomal P Ag (Human Plasma)


Proteinase 3 (cANCA) A3C192H

Native Ag (Human neutrophils) >90%

dsDNA A01677E Ro52 R01649

Native Ag (E.coli) >90%


Rec. Ag (Sf21 Insect Cells) >90%

Proliferating Cell Nuclear Ag (PCNA) R01648

Native Ag (Human Plasma) >95%

Rec. Ag (Sf21 Insect Cells) >90%

M1M20-912 MAb to PCNA MAM21-964 MAb to PCNA Histone A01673B

Native Ag (Calf Thymus) >90%

Complement C1q A01670H

(Human Plasma) >95%


Sheep anti-Complement C1q

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