Meridian Contract Manufacturing

Wide Range of Capabilities

Meridian offers a full suite of process development and manufacturing capabilities for upstream and downstream processes. Projects can start as a pilot or feasibility study and progress to commercial scale production with the option of scale-up and validation runs. Meridian employs highly trained and experienced scientists with advanced degrees in biochemistry, immunology and microbiology, with expertise in cell culture, virology, protein expression, protein purification and characterization.

Upstream PRODUCTION SYSTEMS • T issue Culture & Spinner Flasks • R oller Bottles (smooth & ribbed) • Cell Factories • WAVE Bioreactors™ • E gg-based Virus Production • 5 5,000 mice capacity

EXPRESSION SYSTEMS • M ammalian (CHO, Vero, NS0, etc.) • Bacterial (E. coli) • Yeast (P. pastoris, S. cerevisiae, H. polymorpha) • B aculovirus in Sf9 • E gg-based Virus Production • V accinia & Adeno


• Protein A/G • Ultrafiltration • Diafiltration • T FF (plate or hollow fiber) • Centrifugation/ultracentrifugation • Ä KTA FPLC for SEC, Affinity, Ion exchange, HIC • D ialysis, tangential flow • C hromatography, Monolith, membrane and resin based columns • M icrofluidization, freeze/thaw, chemical lysis


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