Meridian Contract Manufacturing

Monoclonal Antibodies

Meridian offers in vitro cell culture and in vivo ascites production of monoclonal antibodies following ISO Quality Systems. Meridian’s flexible production systems accommodate milligram to kilogram projects.

In vitro

• D edicated facility - 55,000 mice capacity • U p to 5,000 mice per lot • M ultiple strains available • A scites fluid or purified MAb service • H igh lot-to-lot consistency • C ustomized options (viability monitoring, mouse strain, yield optimization) In vivo

PRODUCTION SYSTEMS • T issue Culture & Spinner Flasks • R oller Bottles (smooth & ribbed) • WAVE Bioreactors™ CAPACITY • U p to gram quantities of pure MAb • C onversion from ascites to cell culture • A daption to serum free media • P ilot studies through to validation lots • Y ield and scale-up optimization • C ell-line rescue and sub-cloning PURIFICATION

• Protein A/G • SEC



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