Tripledemic Viruses – RSV, FLU & COVID

Tripledemic Viruses – RSV, FLU & COVID New High Sensitivity Antibody Pairs Ideal for Multiplex Tests

Flu and RSV cases are higher than usual for this time of year and are expected to surge this winter 2022. In addition, a new wave of COVID is starting as Omicron subvariants overtake the progenitor BA.4 and BA.5 strains. Experts warn of the possibility of a tripledemic where seasonal peaks in Flu and RSV collide with a wave of COVID, overwhelming our hospitals 1 . Some States in the USA are already reporting the worst surge of RSV in 25 years, causing children’s hospitals to reach capacity 2 and some school districts to close 3 . A key focus for managing the tripledemic will be diagnostic testing that can differentiate SARS-CoV-2 from RSV and Flu A and Flu B. Rapid point-of-care lateral flow assays pose a significant benefit for clinicians as it allows them to differentially diagnose a patient with respiratory symptoms using a single swab, all within one appointment. A successful multiplex assay must demonstrate high specificity for each disease with no cross-reactivity. In addition, the sensitivity of the assay needs to meet the same limit of detection as a singleplex assay in order to be effective. This requires using monoclonal antibodies that have high affinity and specificity for their target molecule.

Top performing pairs with low cross-reactivity ideal for multiplex assays

Meridian Life Science has several high performing pairs for RSV, Flu A, Flu B and SARS-CoV-2 which are ideal for use in a multiplex rapid lateral flow assay.

Detection #BN1071 *

Capture #BN1072 *

Capture #9547 ☨

Detection #9548 ☨

Detection #BN1071 *

Capture #BN1073 *

Capture #BN1060 *

Detection #BN1061 *

Capture #BN1074 *

Detection #BN1071 *

Capture #C01736M

Detection #C01731M

Capture #C01769M

Detection #C01773M

Capture #C01732M

Detection #C01731M

Capture #C65063M

Detection #C65065M

☨ Pair detects Omicron down to 1.31 x 10 2 PFU/mL, and 1.88 x 10 2 PFU/mL for other variants. * New Product. 1. 2. 3. outbreak-as-tripledemic-looms/69626582007

Capture #BN1075 *

Detection #BN1076 *

Capture #C01746M

Detection #C01747M

Capture #C01747M

Detection #C01744M

Capture #C01744M

Detection #C01897M

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