VLP-RNA Extraction Control

Product Highlights

Recommended lysis conditions

Monitors quality of sample lysis step Amplification traces of VLP-RNA Extraction Control isolated using the ISOLATE II RNA Mini Kit with the recommended (Red) or sub-optimal (Green) lysis conditions. The RT-qPCR results demonstrate how the VLP-RNA Control Extraction can help to monitor the quality of the sample lysis step.

Sub-optimal lysis conditions

Maintains stability in the presence of nucleases found in biofluids VLP-RNA Extraction Controls were lyophilized and incubated at ambient temperature for 24 hours (dark blue); incubated at ambient temperature for 24 hours (light blue) or spiked directly into the lysis buffer (grey) for blood, plasma and serum samples. The RT-qPCR results illustrate that the VLP-RNA Extraction Control protects packaged RNA from degradation by nucleases in these biofluids until they are ready for analysis.

Lyophilized VLP incubated 24h at room temp with biofluid | VLP incubated 24h at room temp with biofluid | VLP spiked directly in the lysis buffer

Highly stable and lyophilization compatible

B) Thermal resistance stability. VLP-RNA Extraction Controls were pre-treated at different temperatures for 10 minutes and then analyzed.

A) Stable after freezing/ thawing cycles. VLP-RNA Extraction Controls were submitted to various freeze/thaw cycles: 0 (blue), 1 cycle (black), 5 cycles (red), 10 cycles (grey) and 20 cycles (green) and then analysed. C) Shelf-life. VLP-RNA Extraction Controls were stored for a month, in different conditions, ambient temperature (black), 4°C (green) and -20°C (red) before being analyzed.

D) Lyophilization compatible. VLP-RNA Extraction Control are resistant to nucleases even when lyophilized. Lyophilized and nuclease treated (blue), not lyophylized and nuclease treated,(orange) not lyophilzed and no nuclease treated (red).

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