Ambient temperature stable qPCR Master Mixes

Universal Lyo-Ready TM and Air-Dryable TM qPCR and RT-qPCR Mixes

Meridian’s Lyo-Ready™ and Air-Dryable™ qPCR and RT-qPCR master mixes are the market-leading solution for molecular diagnostic assays requiring fast cycling, superior sensitivity, high inhibitor tolerance and ambient temperature stability. They are 4x concentrated, glycerol- free and contain specialized excipients that are compatible with lyophilization or air-drying to create ambient- temperature stable assays, or they can be used as a wet mix. They are highly inhibitor-tolerant and ultra-sensitive making them ideal for point-of-care or machine-automated multiplexing assays. As universal mixes, they are highly resistant to various qPCR inhibitors and can be used across a wide range of patient sample types.



5 mL 1,000 Rxns 50 mL 10,000 Rxns 5 mL 1,000 Rxns 50 mL 10,000 Rxns 5 mL 500 Rxns 100 mL 10,000 Rxns 8 mL 1,000 Rxns 100 mL 12,500 Rxns 10 mL 1,000 Rxns 100 mL 10,000 Rxns 10 mL 1,000 Rxns 100 mL 10,000 Rxns


Air-Dryable qPCR Mix, 4x

Air-Dryable RT-qPCR Mix, 4x



Lyo-Ready qPCR Mix


Lyo-Ready qPCR Mix, 2.6x

Lyo-Ready 1-Step RT-qPCR Mix


Lyo-Ready 1-Step RT-qPCR Virus Mix


Full enzyme activity following air-drying

Air-Dryable™ RT-qPCR Mix (MDX095)

Activity of Air-Dryable™ 1-Step RT-qPCR Mix (MDX095) in both wet and air-dried formats were compared on 10-fold dilution mouse RNA template. The air-dried mix showed no loss of activity and sensitivity when compared to freshly prepared wet mixup to the assay limit of detection.

Wet | Air-dried

Retention of reverse transcriptase activity following lyophilization

Lyo-Ready™ 1-Step RT-qPCR Mix (MDX024)




Primers and probes were added to Lyo-Ready™ 1-Step RT-qPCR Mix (MDX024), dried down and immediately rehydrated ( purple ) and tested against a freshly prepared wet mix ( orange ), in a triplex probe RT-qPCR assay on mouse RNA. The results demonstrate the same reverse transcriptase enzyme activity before and following lyophilization.

Lyophilized | Wet Mix

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