Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Library clean-up & size selection

Efficient removal of primers and adapters

Paramagnetic SPRI beads designed for clean-up and size selection of DNA fragments or NGS libraries. Paramagnetic beads selectively bind DNA fragments based on the volume ratio of bead suspension and sample. They are capable of delivering highly purified DNA fragments, efficiently removing contaminants, such as nucleotides, primers, adapters, enzymes, buffer additives and salts.

Electropherogram showing the library size profile after removal of unincorporated adapters and PCR primers (arrows) after using NGS Clean and Selection Beads.




50 mL 500 mL

NGS Clean and Select Beads


Size distribution after double-sided size selection

Product Highlights • Highly-reproducible results • Tunable size selection protocols for single or double sided selection • Compatible with manual and automated workflows

For double-sided size selection, supernatant from a right-side selection step (which excludes the largest library fragments) is re-purified using a different ratio of beads, according to the left-sided size selection protocol to exclude the smallest library fragments.

Library Quantification

qPCR-based Quantification of NGS Libraries

qPCR-based assay for the exclusive quantification of adapter- ligated molecules providing accurate quantification of Illumina NGS libraries. Contains pre-diluted standards to minimize pipetting errors, a P5 / P7 Illumina ® specific primer mix and an optimized buffer for dilution of NGS library samples.




Library Quantification Kit


500 Rxns / Kit

Product Highlights • Suitable for quantification of all Illumina compatible libraries • Accurate results in less than 90 minutes • Contains a series of six pre-diluted DNA standards for rapid and reliable standard curve generation, providing precise and accurate quantification • 18 sets of standards can be used for 62 libraries on six 96-well plates or 76 libraries on two 384-well plates

Standard curve generated from the amplifications of the 6 pre-diluted DNA standards (blue, 10 pM to 100 aM) and 3 dilutions of an Illumina ® NGS library (red, ten-fold series).

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