Molecular Overview

Cutting-edge master mixes, enzymes and reagent solutions for MDx assays.

molecular reagents

Cutting-edge master mixes, enzymes and reagent solutions for MDx assays.

master mixes tailored for your assays

Direct Detection

Skip DNA or RNA extraction

Specimen-specific or Universal options

Blood Saliva Stool

Urine Plant




Optimized for sensitive & robust amplification from crude or purified samples

Direct Detection

DNA/RNA Extraction



Detect down to single copies of DNA


Final assay format


Improve cost of final test with no extraction, no cold-chain shipping/ storage & faster R&D development




All products are made under ISO13485 in commercial scales and are in hundreds of regulated assays around the world.

qPCR & LAMP master mixes


Reverse Transcriptase •  55C MMLV-RT (MDX117) Isothermal Amplification •  High-Conc. Glycerol-Free Bst, 100x (MDX018) •  Bst DNA Polymerase (MDX012) Next-generation Sequencing • Hi-Specificity Pfu HS Mix (MDX006) • Glycerol-free T4 DNA Ligase HC  (MDX200) DNA Polymerase

•  Air-Dryable TM Direct qPCR Blood (MDX092/121) •  Lyo-Ready TM Genotyping Direct qPCR Blood (MDX128) Blood

• Lyo-Ready TM Direct qPCR Blood (MDX122/123) • Lyo-Ready TM Direct LAMP Blood MDX124/125)

•  Air-Dryable TM Direct qPCR Saliva (MDX130/131) •  Lyo-Ready TM Direct qPCR Saliva (MDX132/133) Saliva

•  Lyo-Ready TM Direct LAMP Saliva (MDX134/135)

•  Taq HS DNA Polymerase (MDX008) • Low DNA Taq HS 5 U/ L (MDX009)

general reagents VLP-RNA Extraction Controls (MDX068 & MDX069) •  Glycerol-Free Taq HS 50 U/ L (MDX011) •  Aptamer Taq HS (Glycerol-Free) (MDX015) • Biomimetic controls composed of virus-like particle (VLP) shells packaged with a defined number of copies of target RNA molecules. • Monitor extraction, reverse transcription and amplification with a single control. qPCR/RT-qPCR Extraction Controls (MDX026, MDX027, MDX028 & MDX029) • Artificial cells containing a known concentration of either Internal Control DNA or RNA • Designed to confirm the success of the extraction step and reduce the chance of obtaining a false negative results dNTPs • Sodium or lithium salt • Available as mixes or individually in various concentrations


•  Air-Dryable TM Direct qPCR Urine (MDX150/151) •  Lyo-Ready TM Direct qPCR Urine (MDX152/153) Urine •  Air-Dryable TM Direct qPCR Stool (MDX140/141) •  Lyo-Ready TM Direct qPCR Stool (MDX142/143)

•  Lyo-Ready TM Direct LAMP Stool (MDX144/145)

•  Lyo-Ready TM Direct LAMP Urine (MDX154/155)

•  Inhibitor-Tolerant qPCR & RT-qPCR Mixes (MDX013 & MDX016) • Fast qPCR & RT-qPCR Mixes (MDX020 & MDX032) •  Air-Dryable TM qPCR & RT-qPCR Mixes (MDX082 & MDX095) • Lyo-Ready TM qPCR & RT-qPCR Mixes (MDX021 & MDX024) Universal • Air-Dryable TM Direct DNA qPCR Plant Mix (MDX116) Plant

•  Low LOD 1-Step RT-qPCR Mix (MDX025) •  Air-Dryable TM DNA & RNA LAMP Mixes (MDX119 & MDX118) •  Lyo-Ready TM DNA & RNA LAMP Mixes (MDX097 & MDX108)

What is Air-Dryable?

Air-Dryable mixes are a new alternative to lyophilization. Create ambient temperature stable assays using only an oven.

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