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Superior reaction efficiency using crude urine samples in multiplex reactions (continued)

Lyo-Ready™ Direct RNA/DNA qPCR Urine (MDX153)





MDX153 | ThermoFisher TaqPath TM | QuantaBio ToughMix® | BioRad Reliance 1-Step

Three viral RNA (Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya) and one DNA (Malaria) mosquito-borne infectious disease targets were amplified in a quadruplex reaction in the presence of 20% human urine using Lyo-Ready TM Direct RNA/DNA qPCR Urine (MDX153) in a lyophilized format ( red ) and compared to ThermoFisher TaqPath TM 1-Step Multiplex Master Mix ( black ), QuantaBio Ultraplex TM 1-Step ToughMix® ( grey ) and BioRad Reliance 1-Step Multiplex RT-qPCR Supermix ( pink ) in liquid formats. The results illustrate that dry Lyo-Ready TM Direct RNA/DNA qPCR Urine has higher multiplexing capacity and reproducibility than the liquid competitor mixes.

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