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Stool-specific Mixes


PCR inhibitors found in stool specimens, such as bile salts, polysaccharides, hematin and catabolic substances, have posed serious challenges to developing assays that can directly amplify DNA or RNA. In addition, due to the high complexity and heterogeneity of fecal matter, sample preparation has traditionally been required to remove possible interfering substances such as food debris, microorganisms, desquamated epithelial cells and mucus from the specimen. Air-Dryable ™ and Lyo-Ready ™ Stool mixes are designed for direct amplification from stool samples, and require only minimal sample processing. The mixes contain an optimized blend of additives to negate inhibitor effects while maintaining the quality and integrity of the patient sample. As the need for fast, non-invasive testing for gastrointestinal conditions increases, short turn-around times, higher sensitivity and a long shelf-life become important distinguishing features.



5 mL 1,000 Rxns 50 mL 10,000 Rxns 5 mL 1,000 Rxns 50 mL 10,000 Rxns 5 mL 1,000 Rxns 50 mL 10,000 Rxns 5 mL 1,000 Rxns 50 mL 10,000 Rxns

Air-Dryable Direct DNA qPCR Stool Mixes


Air-Dryable Direct RNA/ DNA qPCR Stool Mixes


Lyo-Ready Direct DNA qPCR Stool Mixes


Lyo-Ready Direct RNA/DNA qPCR Stool Mixes


Sensitive detection in multiplex assays in the presence of stool inhibitors

Air-Dryable TM Direct RNA/DNA qPCR Stool (MDX141)



Campylobacter jejuni


Air-dried | TaqPath TM (Thermo) | Ultraplex TM (QuantaBio)

Two RNA targets (Rotavirus and Norovirus) and two DNA targets (Adenovirus and Campylobacter jejuni ) were amplified in a quadruplex reaction using Air-Dryable TM Direct RNA/DNA qPCR Stool (MDX141, red ) or mixes from TaqPath TM (Thermo, black ) or Ultraplex TM (QuantaBio, grey ) in the presence of 1.5 mg/mL bile salts. The results illustrate that Air-Dryable TM Direct RNA/DNA qPCR Stool is less affected by increased concentrations of bile, unlike the other mixes.

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