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Urine-Specific Mixes


Urine is an ideal clinical specimen because it is excreted in large quantities, non-invasive, and can be self-sampled. Currently, urine specimens are used in the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases (including STDs), hormone and metabolic disorders, renal diseases, bladder cancer, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and for monitoring recreational drug use. However, urine contains substances such as urea and nucleases that can damage DNA or inhibit a PCR reaction. Air-Dryable ™ and Lyo-Ready ™ urine mixes are inhibitor-



5 mL 1,000 Rxns 50 mL 10,000 Rxns 5 mL 1,000 Rxns 50 mL 10,000 Rxns 5 mL 1,000 Rxns 50 mL 10,000 Rxns 5 mL 1,000 Rxns 50 mL 10,000 Rxns

Air-Dryable Direct DNA qPCR Urine Mixes


Air-Dryable Direct RNA/ DNA qPCR Urine Mixes


Lyo-Ready Direct DNA qPCR Urine


tolerant and designed for very fast, highly sensitive amplification of DNA and RNA directly from high

Lyo-Ready Direct RNA/DNA qPCR Urine


concentrations of urine and are sensitive enough to detect arboviruses, such as Chikungunya virus. Patient urine samples can be used directly on the dried assay, and do not require nucleic acid purification.

Enables highly sensitive detection of cancer markers in urine samples

Air-DryableTM Direct RNA/DNA qPCR Urine (MDX151)





Air-dried | Ultraplex TM (QuantaBio)

Three tumor-related mRNA markers (CDC2 kinase, IGFBP5 and MDK) were amplified from total RNA (from a bladder cancer patient) in a triplex reaction using air-dried Air-Dryable TM Direct RNA/DNA qPCR Urine (MDX151, red ) or Ultraplex TM (QuantaBio, grey ) in 10% human urine. The results illustrate that Air-Dryable TM Direct RNA/DNA qPCR Urine is able to detect cancer related RNA markers from urine faster and with higher sensitivity compared to the other mix.

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